Why regular blogging is important

Constantly updating the content that is found on your site is essential if you want the search engines to continue to recognize your site as being relevant and current. Regular blogging will show that your site is constantly adding useful content to the web thus causing your site to rank higher on the results pages. … Read more

Directory Submission, Is it Worth It?

Deciding if submitting your site to a directory is a worthwhile effort may be a bit daunting. Some site owners claim that submitting to a directory has done wonderful things for their site while others claim that directory submission was a complete waste of money. The first thing you need to understand about directory submission … Read more

Why content is king (or queen) for good seo

When websites first started the number of keywords that were found on your site was the only thing that mattered when it came to your rankings on the search engine results pages. Sites would be loaded with useless information, content that was difficult to read, and keywords that often were irrelevant to the site itself. … Read more

Should I use Article Spinners or Not?

Article spinners often sound like a great option to get more content to your site without having to pay for new content to be written. Many of the article spinning programs claim that they will be able to completely spin content and that it will be completely readable and pass any plagiarism detector. While many … Read more

Forum Link Building Advice

In order to have as optimized a site as possible, link building is needed. Link building is the process of linking your site to other sites. The more reputable sites with which you are linked, the higher your rankings will be on the search engine results page. Many people make the mistake of initially linking … Read more

How to Write an Optimized Article

In order to get traffic to your site, it will need to contain optimized content. Optimized content is content that ranks high on the search engine results page. In order for content to rank high, you will need to focus on the keywords you use in your content and the number of times that you … Read more

Compromising Between Usability and Good SEO

Sometimes you may find that optimizing a site for search engines and also for the users experience clash. This is a bit ironic to say the least as search engines are designed to spider and index sites according to what they offer the user. As time goes on the gap between a good site and … Read more

Use your Sites Hierarchy to Divvy Out Link Authority

More pages on a website are good for seo, and minimizing the user journey to as little clicks as possible increases the user experience and makes the site easier to use. It is also good seo to minimize the number of links on any page to maintain page authority. As an seo you have to find a … Read more

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, other wise known as seo (for short) is the ongoing process of improving both on-site and off-site factors to increase where one ‘ranks’ in search pages. It is possible to seo a site for any number of search engines, Google (of course), Bing, Yahoo and Ask inclusive. There are many benefits to optimizing … Read more