Distribute.IT Sites Hacked Over 4000 Websites Lost

distribute.IT Websites Hacked

Recently hackers breached Australian hosting company Distribute.IT and have left 4,800 sites likely unrecoverable, the company stated on Tuesday. During the security exploit the hackers were able to access the hosting company’s four main servers. In a statement on the company’s website, Distribute.IT stated: “While every effort will be made to continue to gain access … Read more

ICANN Now Accepting New Domain Suffixes

New Domain Suffixes With ICANN

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has recently approved a measure that will allow entities to apply for custom site domain suffixes or gTLD’s. Domain suffixes refer to .com, .org, .net, etc. With the approval, entities will now be allowed to apply for almost any name to use as a domain suffix … Read more

Pavement Energy Company Win Ethical Award

We posted recently about the finalists for the Observer Ethical Awards 2011, the paper’s sixth annual awards aimed at recognising and rewarding businesses who are “putting the environment first” across a number of different categories including Local Retailer, Online Retailer, Big Idea, and Ethical Blog. So, who won? In the Local Retailer category, The People’s … Read more

Social Website Survey Examines Public Use

Social Website Survey Examines Public Use

Well known research company, Pew Research Center recently found some interesting results when looking into habits of social networks website users. To get their results, Pew surveyed over 2,000 adult participants. Overall, Pew found that 32% of social site users are between the ages of 23 and 35, 16% are between 18 and 22, 26% … Read more

CIOs Deploying More Green IT

Green hosting

According to a new survey by technology firm Ovum (part of research group Datamonitor), an increasing number of Chief Information Officers are now deploying green technologies – such as green hosting – within their organisations. The survey revealed that almost three quarters of CIOs interviewed had already deployed some sort of green IT within their … Read more

Thinking About SEO: Some Quick Wins

Most small businesses know that properly executed SEO can make a big difference to their website traffic, even if they do not have the advertising spend to support it with paid PPC.  However, budgets for web design changes are often small, so it is important to get the principles right.  A new SEO report from … Read more

Web Designers in Norwich

Web Design Norwich, Norfolk

Pivotal Are Web Designers in Norwich Having been working with our clients for over the last decade from all over the world. Pivotal Hosting (formerly Dilate Design) have decided to make a push for local business. With great client feedback for web design Norwich, Pivotal are here to serve you. Just have a look at … Read more

The Language of Hosting Debunked.

Web hosting

The terminology used in the hosting industry can be very different to anything you have come across before, particularly if you are setting up your own website for the very first time.  To help you overcome some of the seemingly endless techno babble, we would like to offer some definitions of some of the common … Read more

Google APivotal Green Tech Employees

Green technology

Those interested in green hosting and other ecology friendly technologies will already have search engine Google on their radar; the company has already shown significant commitment to green and renewable technologies over the last few years. Now, top jobs that have appeared on Google’s own job site seem to indicate that the technology giant is … Read more

Texas University Publishes Spammer List

Internet security

No one wants to be associated with a website domain or web hosting service (including WordPress hosting) that is prevalent to being hijacked to send spam, and most businesses will factor this into their web hosting provider decisions automatically. In the US, companies have another reason to ensure they are not caught up in spamming.  … Read more