Google Plans Seawater Cooled Data Centre

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According to Google’s Director of Operations, the company plans to start using the world’s first ever seawater cooled data centre in Finland by the end of this year.  Google is well known for its advances in green technology and web hosting, but this is its first experiment with water-cooling. The site is still being constructed, … Read more

Google Offers Tips for “High Quality” SEO Content

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After Google’s recent major algorithm update, rolled out across the globe over the last couple of months, many websites were surprised about the widespread effect the changes had. After much questioning and commentary, the Google blog masters posted a list of 23 questions that they use, amongst many other inputs to the algorithm, to help … Read more

Sony Suffers More Hacking Attacks

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Having only just announced the multi-million dollar cost of recovering from the major compromise of its PlayStation online game network, Sony has run into trouble with the web hosting and online security of its sites again. Providing yet more evidence, if it were needed, of the importance of choosing web hosting and security support wisely, … Read more

Observer Ethical Awards Highlight New Green Energy Technologies

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Those excited by news of innovative uses of ethical and green technology, particularly for renewable energy, will be interested to see the shortlist of companies and ventures up for this year’s Observer Ethical Awards. Online voting has now closed and the shortlist of nominees is now being judged by the Observer’s expert panel, which includes … Read more

Sony Takes $171m Hit From Network Hacking

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According to figures released to investors by Sony, the PlayStation Network outage will cost the company at least $171 million – and that does not include any expenses relating to lawsuits that may arise out of the misuse of personal data as a result.  Given a class action suit has been filed in Canada against … Read more

What Is Green Web Hosting?

green hosting

Many of us are making increasing efforts to “go green”, and we know what that means for us at home – more recycling, reduce water and energy wastage, and perhaps drive less, for example. However, what exactly is meant by “green hosting”?  How can web hosts be eco-friendly? The idea of green hosting has really taken … Read more

Making The Right WordPress Hosting Decision

WordPress Hosting

If you are running your website using the massively popular WordPress software, then you are not alone – many thousands of other website owners are doing the same. When it comes to hosting for your WordPress site though, can you be sure that your web hosting company is the right one?  Just because the technology … Read more

Google Changes Highlight Importance of Domain Names

Choosing the right domain name

According to Google, ‘the display URL” (your domain name) can be an important factor in users deciding whether or not to click on your ad on the search site.  In fact, from now on, Google are going to start displaying the domain name in the headline on selected top placement ads, separated by a bar … Read more

Green Forums Launched

Pivotal Launches Its New Green Forums After a long wait and development, Pivotal hosting are going even greener with the new Pivotal Green Forums. With the sole intention of building an online, green and tech savvy community we hope to encourage positivity and good communication between like minded people. Seo Green Forums We have added … Read more