20 Reasons to Invest in Facebook Advertising (Part 2)

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As promised, here’s the second half of our two-part post on the potential benefits of Facebook Advertising. Most of which are of particular relevance to SMEs, though make Facebook Ads an appealing prospect for businesses of all shapes and sizes:

11. Your competitors are already advertising on Facebook

Irrespective of the sector you operate in, it’s entirely probable that your main competitors are already advertising on Facebook. In which case, you could be losing ground to businesses you could easily outperform. Plus, if your closest competitors aren’t currently advertising on Facebook, you’ve a golden opportunity to build and maintain an edge.

12. The social aspect of Facebook is priceless

Facebook is the world’s biggest and most popular social network, designed to generate discussion and get people talking. Hence, the potential for engaging ads and marketing messages on the platform to go viral. Word of mouth quickly spreads when a Facebook user comes across something they like, which could quite easily be your paid ads. 

13. You can advertise more than products and services 

Facebook Ads aren’t exclusively about marketing products and services in the traditional sense. You can also use Facebook Ads to advertise important blog posts, channel traffic to specific pages of your website and encourage people to sign up to your e-mail list. They can basically be used to draw attention to anything you like and funnel traffic in any direction you choose.

14. Advertising on Facebook could assist your SEO performance

There is much debate as to the extent to which social signals are taken into account by search engines, when handing out positions in the SERP rankings. But what’s known for sure is that social signals do play a role in SEO performance. Comments, likes, shares and so on – all nurtured and encouraged with appealing Facebook Ads. 

15. Facebook Ads allow you to go global for cheap 

Expanding into new markets can be time-consuming and expensive, though not when approached in the form of a Facebook Advertising campaign. Your ads can be targeted to reach absolutely any market worldwide, while being refined with pinpoint precision to ensure they reach only qualified and relevant leads.

16. You can adjust your ads in real-time

With most forms of conventional marketing, what you publish is what you get. There’s no chance for a do over and if you’re not happy with the way it performs, you’re out of luck. With Facebook Ads, there’s limitless scope for tweaks, adjustments and complete overhauls – all of which can be performed in real-time. Great for experimenting with different ideas to see which has the highest impact.

17. Facebook advertising levels the playing field

The affordability of Facebook Advertising creates a far more accessible and level playing field than would normally be the case. Smaller businesses have every opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with the biggest names in their field, and reach the same target audiences with the equally powerful messages. 

18. Facebook is a mobile-first platform

The key to successful marketing in a predominantly mobile era lies in primarily targeting mobile audiences. Given that around 85% of all Facebook users access their accounts primarily from mobile devices, Facebook Ads are mobile ads at their most powerful and influential.

19. You can decrease your spend at any time 

With no binding contracts of long-term agreement involved, you can decrease your spend or back out of your Facebook Ad campaign at anytime. All of which adds up to one of the most risk-free paid advertising ventures available to smaller businesses with limited budgets.

20. Facebook’s popularity is (almost) eternal

Last up, it’s worth considering that for the foreseeable future at least, Facebook’s popularity and influence are more or less bulletproof. A strategic investment in Facebook advertising could therefore add up to an affordable investment in a long-term success of your business – all with minimal costs and the potential to generate an exceptional ROI. 

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