20 Reasons to Invest in Facebook Advertising (Part 1)

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Thought Facebook was yesterday’s news from a marketing perspective? Think again – Facebook remains one of the most powerful and profitable platforms in the history of digital marketing.

Still, evidence suggests that the vast majority of small to medium-sized businesses are reluctant to invest in paid Facebook Advertising. Most of whom are unaware of the fact that Facebook has the potential to generate a stronger and more consistent ROI than any comparable channel.

With way too many benefits to cram into a single piece, we’ll now be taking a look at just some of the reasons you should be investing in Facebook Advertising over the course of two posts. If you’re not already prioritising paid Facebook Ads, here are 20 reasons why you’re making a big mistake:

  1. Most of your customers are on Facebook right now

Facebook remains the single most popular and influential social platform by a clear margin. Approximately 80% of all Internet users worldwide are on Facebook, including a whopping 65% of adults aged 65 and over. Whoever your customers are, they’re using Facebook right now and probably do so every day.

  1. Facebook allows for meticulously targeted advertising

No comparable platform gives you the same scope for precision audience targeting as Facebook. You can direct your advertising messages at Facebook users based on their location, their interests, their age, their online activities and so much more besides.

  1. It’s a great platform for driving web traffic 

It’s worth remembering that any ads you run on Facebook can be used to drive traffic directly to your main website. You’re not simply limited to the features and functionalities Facebook provides – you can channel customers to your website or anywhere else you like.

  1. The results are instantaneous

One of the biggest points of appeal with paid Facebook Advertising is that it is instantaneous in nature. Within minutes, you can publish meticulously targeted ads in prominent positions across the platform and reach millions of prospective customers in seconds.

  1. Facebook Advertising offers outstanding value for money

Irrespective of how much you spend, Facebook Ads consistently represent unbeatable value for money. There’s no other platform or marketing method available where spending £10 can allow you to reach thousands of precisely targeted leads in a matter of minutes. However limited your budget may be, Facebook can deliver an exceptional ROI. 

  1. It’s a straightforward platform to use

Shy of the initial keyword research you’ll need to conduct, the actual process of preparing and launching Facebook Ads is extremely straightforward. No specialist knowledge or experience required to launch and run a high-impact Facebook marketing campaign.

  1. The entire process is measurable and quantifiable

Facebook allows advertisers to monitor the performance and profitability of their ads in real-time, in order to make strategic adjustments when necessary. You’re provided with all the information you need to optimise every Facebook Ad to deliver the best possible returns.

  1. Facebook Ads can improve offline sales

Evidence also suggests that in-store traffic volumes can be increased significantly with an effective and impactful Facebook Ads campaign. It’s worth remembering that even though some consumers prefer traditional High Street retail, they’re still glued to their devices and Facebook accounts on a 24/7 basis.

  1. Facebook Ads generate engagement

Facebook is a two-way communication channel that provides your target audience with the opportunity to respond and share its opinions. Unlike many comparable forms of advertising, Facebook Ads encourage new and prospective customers to engage with your brand and join the conversation.

  1. Facebook advertising is scalable

You start out with a minor investment, you see what kinds of returns it brings and you take things from there. No need to invest heavily in a Facebook Ad campaign before first testing the waters – a fantastically scalable solution for small and large businesses alike.

Stay tuned for the second half or our two-part post on Facebook Ads, coming soon…

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